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Advanced 3-Day Certified Value Analysis

Leadership Training Course



Finally, A Small Select Group Will Have The Opportunity To Learn From The Industry Leading Value Analysis Experts and Get Million Dollar Savings How-To’s At The Same Time… Will You Be One Of Them?



A lot of people asked us if it is really true that our clients actually save $3, $7, or even $13 million dollars by applying the strategies, tactics, and techniques of our value analysis system. After 27 years of teaching this unique System to 5,236 material managers, physicians, clinicians and executive management teams in the real world of healthcare, and department heads and managers, I have an unsurprising answer to their question: Yes!

Yes, hospitals, Systems and IDNs just like yours are making these great strides and mega savings happen – beyond price – because of the advanced value analysis training we have provided for them. I know this to be true, because they are our clients and we have carefully documented their savings results in order to prove that our System works in any and all healthcare organizations.

Learn How They’re Doing it – And How You Can Too

Until recently, price was king when healthcare organizations talked about saving money, but the time has passed for this type of thinking. Let’s face it! It’s getting harder and harder to meet your savings objective each year, especially since your price savings are quickly fading away!  But the savings game doesn’t stop because it is getting more difficult to find savings.  Your management still needs to generate at least 6% margin (profits) each year to insure the sustainability and viability of your healthcare organization.  

Now, there’s a more reliable – almost guaranteed — way to save money, with our client tested supply value analysis system for creating savings on demand that has proven to be effective for beginners, intermediate and advanced value analysis leaders alike.

In fact, it has helped 356 hospitals, 19 Systems and IDNs and 109 alternate care facilities add new multiple savings streams to their profit centers (close to a half billion dollars at last count). It has helped healthcare organizations to move away from just price savings and open up whole new savings vistas in utilization savings where 76% of new savings reside.  It has accelerated the number of savings projects a value analysis team can manage on an annual basis. And it may well be just what you’ve been looking for!

The award winning value analysis methodology is called the Strategic Value Analysis® System and until this year, when we decided to offer our System in public training program, it was the best kept secret in healthcare.   

What Is The System And Why Do The Hospitals, Systems And IDNs Who Use It Achieve Such Dramatic Results?

Ten years ago to be exact, Robert T. Yokl, President & Chief Value Strategist of SVAH, who was already pretty successful training value analysis teams took a long, hard look at how the healthcare industry was planning, organizing, structuring, deploying, measuring, analyzing, incentivizing, documenting and implementing savings with their supply value analysis programs and realized that there had to be a better, faster and smarter way to do this important work. In particular, he found that traditional supply value analysis programs were lacking in:

  1. An explicitly prescribed culture and infrastructure that was needed to achieve and sustain savings results.
  2. Customer Critical-to Quality Requirements were not front and center
  3. The recognition of the impact of customization vs. standardization
  4. A new way to organize value analysis teams to produce “creative friction”
  5. Techniques to uncover any and all waste and inefficiency in the supply chain
  6. The linking of quality, speed (cycle time) and low cost together
  7. Specific tools to accelerate the identification and implementation of hidden supply utilization misalignments
  8. A defined methodology (or steps) to functionally analyze and develop exacting product, service and technology specifications.

Robert then, after three years of field research and vigorous client testing, deployed his new Strategic Value Analysis® System (that corrected, and set right the deficiencies noted above) at hundreds of hospitals, systems and IDNs in the U.S. over the last seven years. The results was that his clients have saved 3, 7 or even 11 fold more in supply chain savings than they had prior to receiving his Certified Value Analysis Leader™ and/or Certified Value Analysis Manager Training™ Programs.

In short, healthcare organizations continue to use this unique System because it works!

It works…because it gives the infrastructure that is needed to successfully implement your value analysis initiatives and achieve and sustain savings. It works…because the infrastructure successfully engages your senior management in the value analysis process so you can be assured of their support. It works… because of a well defined 6-step Value Analysis Funneling® process that guides your project managers through the hard work of uncovering and implementing your supply chain savings. It works…because of the extensive toolbox that SVAH provides along with its training to attack even the most troublesome purchases, such as, pacemakers, orthopedics, spinal implants, stents, and electromechanical devices.  

About the Program Leader





Robert T. Yokl, President and Chief Value Strategist, Strategic Value Analysis® in Healthcare is the acknowledged healthcare leader in supply and process value analysis in the country today.  He has spent over 27 years researching and testing value analysis techniques, software and strategies.  He's the author of today's most innovative and effective value analysis system in the field of healthcare value analysis.  He has created the pioneering and award winning Strategic Value Analysis® System to assist healthcare organizations in mastering the strategies, tactics and techniques of healthcare supply value analysis.  While he has published 11 books, his latest (Strategic Value Analysis® in Healthcare) is considered "The Bible of Value Analysis" and is FREE to attendees at the Strategic Value Analysis Training Programs.


The System Is The One-And-Only Comprehensive, A-to-Z Healthcare Value Analysis Training Course That Covers Everything You Need To Know To Be Wildly Successful In Value Analysis!

It’s a big claim, I know, and you may be curious how any training program could possible live up to it.

Just so there’s no possible confusion about what the System is – and what it isn’t let me break down my claim into eight specific guarantees:

Guarantee #1:  You’ll get “tried and true” strategies, tactics and techniques that work in the real world.  No guessing. No theory.

The System is based on 27 years of experience (not theory) working with hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout the nation who have been successful in implementing their own supply value analysis programs.

Guarantee #2:  You’ll get an entire step-by-step blueprint of everything you need to do to make supply savings happen at your healthcare organization. Nothing is left out.

The System is a total approach which means that you won’t have to learn dozens of unrelated techniques to make it work.  Every part of the System is directly related to every other part.  This makes it easier to learn, easier to use, and most important, easier to save than any other approach to value analysis you’ve ever seen.

Guarantee #3:  You’ll get fast, measurable and sustainable savings results from the System as soon as you start using the little known secrets that will be taught to you in this program.

If you already have a supply value analysis program, you’ll be able to start saving from what you learn — right away.  If you are starting, refining or re-inventing what you have been doing you will see dramatic savings within 90 days.

Guarantee #4:  You’ll get tools and techniques that will generate supply savings faster, better and smarter and will save you and your team members precious time and resources.

What good is a new System if you don’t have the time to use it?  You’ll discover how to make more savings in less time and effort so that you can spend more time doing what matters to you most.

Guarantee #5:  You’ll learn how to put your supply value analysis program on “auto-pilot” and make savings happen on demand.

We will teach you how to target your new savings opportunities continuously, so you never will need to guess where your next savings are coming from.  We will teach you how to organize your supply value analysis program so that it almost manages itself.

Guarantee #6:  You’ll get a proven, step-by-step system to discover the “voice of your customers” to determine what they really need, not what they are asking for.

You will find our “value stream mapping” process, that we will teach you, is the fastest way to determine what your customers’ exact requirements (specifications) are vs. what they only think they are and will quickly lower your supply chain cost.

Guarantee #7:  You’ll learn strategies to grow your savings yield 10 fold and speed up the time it takes for you to implement your savings projects.

We will show you a much better way to prioritize, organize and implement your savings projects. This will double or even triple your savings yield and while teaching you how to employ less resources to do so.

Unheard Of Guarantee #8:  If you feel that we haven’t met any of the above claims by midday on the second day of our three-day training program, we will refund 100% of your investment for this program – no questions asked!

It’s our goal to meet your expectations exactly with our Strategic Value Analysis® System, so we don’t want you to go home without us meeting this expectation.  Our “unheard of guarantee”, we believe, makes the credibility of all of our seven guarantees possible!


Course Materials and Much More…!


Each attendee will receive a comprehensive set of materials that include topics not covered in the three day training program. They include a 233 page training manual, Robert T. Yokl's best-selling Strategic Value Analysis® In Healthcare book (shown at left), 45-minute Value Analysis: Savings Beyond Price Seminar CD, and VA Project Managers Guidebook.


(The Strategic Value Analysis® System was) “real useful (to me) and adaptable to healthcare (since I came from industry) and pretty intuitive (too). I like how it employs the statistical process, which makes sense to me.”

Joe Fulner, Director of Material Management, Franklin Memorial Hospital, Maine


Here’s What Else You Will Discover With This System

  • How to make supply savings happen easily and consistently
  • Three easy ways to spot savings opportunities at a glance
  • Techniques to get your customers to support your proposals
  • How to make lightning-fast decisions vs. delaying decisions
  • Discover simple, easy-to-apply techniques you can use instantly to boost your savings yield
  • How to make big winners out of struggling project managers
  • How to identify the most promising savings opportunities to extract maximum savings with minimum effort
  • How to reverse engineer your products, services and technology to squeeze out savings you never knew existed
  • How to use surveys, focus groups and observations to get your customers to tell you exactly what they want in their products, services and technologies
  • How to perform functional analysis that will exponentially explode your value analysis savings – almost overnight
  • How to manage those untouchables, incompliants, and other sacred cows.

Who Should Attend This Advanced Three-Day Value Analysis Training Program?

  • Supply chain professionals who want to become experts in the art and science of value analysi
  • Value analysis coordinators, managers and directors who manage their healthcare organization’s supply value analysis programs
  • Clinical resource managers who perform value analysis as a requirement of their job
  • Value analysis team leaders and team members who want to sharpen their leadership, and their analytical and money-saving skills
  • Members of your senior management who want to develop or re-energize their hospital, system or IDNs supply value analysis program


Certified Value Analysis Leadership Training

Course Outline


DAY ONE – Strategic Value Analysis® : Savings Beyond Price

  • How to Organize Your VA Program for Maximum Results
  • How to Gain Your Management's Support for Your VA Program
  • Why a Strategic Value Analysis® Plan is an Imperative for Your VA Success
  • Why VA Begins ans Ends with the Customer (Voice of the Customer) 
  • How to Creat a Value Stream Map to Reduce Your Waste & Inefficiency
  • How the 6-Step Value Analysis Funneling® Process Can Increase Your Savings and Quality Yields by three-Fold
  • Why We Need to Link Quality, Speed, and Low Cost Together to Ensure Optimum Value Analysis Outcomes
  • How to Add Fuel to Your Value Analysis Fire so You never Run out of Savings Ideas

DAY TWO – Leadership Training Skills for Self Directed VA Teams

  • What Goes Wrong wtih Teamwork and Team Dynamics You Need to Know About
  • Why a Value Analysis Steering Committee is Needed to Manage Your VA Program
  • How to Select Your Team Leaders and Team Members with Precision
  • How to Deploy the Team-Based Project Management™ Model to Supercharge Your Value Analysis Program
  • How to Keep Your VA Projects on Time, On Schedule, and on Budget
  • Managing Effective and Efficient VA Meetings Without Breaking a Sweat
  • How to Select the Best Value Analysis Candidate for Your Projects
    • Study/Project Triggers that Work
    • Integrating Value Analysis with Benchmarking
    • Manging Utilization for Value Analysis
  • Building and Utilizing Data Warehouses to Capture All of Your Savings
  • Special Q&A Session to Deal with Specific Challenges that Individual Attendees are Faced with

DAY THREE – Growing People, Performance, and Purpose

  • Why Do We Need a Value Analysis Coordinator, Manager, or Director
  • What Are  the Roles and Responsibilities of a Value Analysis Coordinator, Manger, or Director
  • How Does This Role Fit into Your Strategic Value Analysis® Plan
  • What Are Your Management's Expectations & Roles in This Activity
  • How to Master the Maintenance Functions of This Important Position
  • How to Manage Your Value Analysis Team's Performance and Outcomes
  • How to Manage Your Value Analysis Program from A-to-Z Part-Time
  • Ten Mistakes You Need to Avoid as a Value Analysis Leader
  • Seven Team Member Personalities That You Need to Manage
  • Integrating Value Analysis into Lean, Six Sigma, Service Excellence, or Other Quality and Performance Improvement Initiatives

Mind Blowing FREE Bonus

Breakthrough Web Resource Will Give You All The Proven Money and Time Savings Strategies, Tools, Benchmarks, etc. That Are Guaranteed to Help You Attain Huge Savings for Your Organization!

****Over $5199.99 worth of tools, resources and materials included FREE with this Course*****

One of the Most Powerful Supply Chain Savings Resources Receive a Charter Subscription to Strategic Value Analysis Leadership Resource Web as Part of This CVAL Course (Included)






Why Did We Add The Strategic Value Analysis Leader Resource Web to our Course Deliverables?

Realizing that the Supply Chain World and more specifically the Value Analysis World is forever changing. We wanted to make sure that our attendees had the most up to date information and resources that they would need over the long term of their value analysis careers. 

So we created the Value Analysis Leader Resource Web which at no additional cost will be made available to ALL ATTENDEES of the CVAL training course. 

Why is this important? It will give you access to all the latest information that we are providing for our CVAL training course.  Our programs are only going to get better and offer more resources and tools which whether you attended the program last year, this year or next year, you can get the latest information available.

VA Leader Resource Web Includes:

  • Million Dollar Savings Ideas, Tools and Resources You Need To Have at Your Fingertips — Now!

Here are some of the money-savings ideas, tools and educational resources that we will be providing you immediately once you subscribe to our“ and:

  • Guidebooks, Forms, Checklist and Templates


You will receive on day one our project management guidebook that will make your project manager’s job easier to identify and investigate multiple savings opportunities, and then implement them in record time. You will also be able to quickly download time tested forms and checklists that will enable your project managers to ask the right discovery questions and then document their results.

  • Big Savings Opportunities Database – 21 Years of Savings Knowledge You Can Tap Into In Just a Few Clicks

One of the most important departments of your on-line resource is our savings opportunity database, which will actually show you exactly where and how to uncover big savings opportunities ranging from 5% to 50%.  Yes, we are really giving away all of our savings secrets — for the first time — so you our subscribers can straight away reap the benefits my 27 years in the trenches of supply chain management.

  • Videos, Audios, Podcasts, and Webinars


My staff can’t believe I’m doing this, but we are making available to you thousands of dollars of videos, audios, podcasts, and webinars (not to be found anywhere else) to train yourself and your value team/committee members in the art and science of supply expense management. This department is where we will teach you our little known savings secrets, many of which, up to now, we only permitted our consulting clients to license from us at a big fee.

  • Tutorials, Best Practice Demonstrations, Workshops, Seminars, and Training

When we produce a new tutorial, workshop, seminar or training program (public or private sessions), such as our new Supply Six Sigma™ Workshops this is the department that you will find these educational programs. That means that you always will have access to the most advanced training in supply chain management today.  

  • Newsletters, Articles, Tips, How-To’s and Ideas

We all heard the term “Thinking Outside The Box”, but most healthcare organizations don’t have time to look over the shoulders of their peers to see what they have been doing.  That’s where we come in.  Having worked with hundreds of hospitals, systems and IDN we will present the best savings ideas we have found being employed in healthcare to get your savings machine moving again.  Ideas that you haven’t heard of before, because you can’t travel the country as we do visiting hospitals, system and IDN and swiping their best “Out Of The Box” ideas to share with your each month.

  • Plus…Much, Much More

My team of expense management experts will be updating our “iSupplySaving” monthly with new strategies, tools and techniques that won’t be found anywhere else (not in my e-newsletter, not in trade publications and not on my website) to guide you through the challenges you face every day with your supply expense management programs.  Plus… the latest ideas on how to “wring the towel dry” in your own supply chain budgets that you can use today.  

ATTENTION: Value Analysis Coordinators, Clinical Managers and Directors: If you are a value analysis coordinator, manager or director, you will find this educational resource to be right up you alley.  It will give you proven supply savings strategies, tactics, tips, techniques and my little know savings secrets to keep you on top of your game.  And techniques for managing and improving the performance of your value team/committee you need to know to make your job easier – not harder than it is already.


Our Pledge To You!

I know that if you’ve been a student of value analysis for any length of time you’ve probably been disappointed by consultants who make big promises and then don’t deliver.  That’s why I’ve taken the time to be as accurate and as detailed in this copy as I can be.  I want you to know exactly who we are and what you can expect from us.

Our pledge to you is this! From day one of the training program we will get right down to business to show you all of our strategies, tactics, techniques and little known secrets that we have been training our own private clients so they can “wring the towel dry” on their supply chain expenses.

More importantly, we will let you look behind the curtain to see how we do it!  We will let you see the techniques we use, the best practices we employ and give you all of the specifics of the award winning 6-step Strategic Value Analysis® System that has saved close to a half-billion dollars for our clients.  And how you too can employ the knowledge you will receive from us to save big time at your own healthcare organization.  That’s our pledge to you!

Join An Exclusive and Elite Group Of Certified Value Analysis Leaders™

(Limited to 18 Participants)

Due to the increasing demand from the supply chain community for SVAH to provide our advanced value analysis training program we are now forming a class for November 4th, 5th and 6th 2008 at the Best Western, Kulpsville, Pennsylvania (Suburb of Philadelphia). Our Registration fee schedule is as follows:

Save $200 (early bird special) By Signing up for the CVAL Course Before September 15th

The 3-day Certified Value Analysis Leader™ Training Program (CVAP) fee is at the Early Bird Cost of $1,192 (normally $1,403).  This fee includes a $100 non-refundable registration

fee! Note: Hotel and meal cost are not included in these training fees and are your responsibility.  The hotel information will be

sent to you upon receipt of your registration form.  There will be no refunds provided for cancelations within 15 days prior to the first day of training due to hotel and travel commitments.



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